Believe it or not, I don’t just make up stuff for your amusement! I also write articles for a few different websites.

Most of my work is as a contributor for WhatCulture!, where I write about film, television, and comic books.

I’m also the Regional Partner of Kagoshima Prefecture for JapanTourist, a website specializing in travel articles for English-speaking travelers. You can find these articles at JapanTourist.

And I write about living in Japan for GaijinPot, articles posted on there are also reposted on Japan Today.

Here are a few other guest articles I’ve written:

Behind the Veil with Derrick Ferguson (All Pulp) – In this article, I sit down with Derrick Ferguson, author of the Dillon series of novels, and talk with him about the element of race in the books.

The Unofficial Guide to Grant Morrison’s New X-Men (Yahoo! Voices) – Grant Morrison’s run on Marvel’s New X-Men, spanning issues #114-154, had a number of things going on beneath the surface. I take a look at some of these.

The Origin of Xorn (How Would You Fix…?) – Since Morrison’s run on New X-Men, the issue of who the character Xorn was has been a confusing mess. In this article, I come up with a solution.