Curse of the Necronomicon

Curse of the Necronomicon
Series: The Myth Hunter, Book 3
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 154 pages
ASIN: B00V35N7E2
ISBN: 1514141949
Elisa's former partner/rival has disappeared and she's been hired to find him and the object he was searching for—the dreaded Necronomicon!
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About the Book

Elisa Hill lives two lives—a university instructor and a globe-trotting adventurer. When her former partner, Lucas Davalos, emerges from hiding, Elisa takes it upon herself to track him down, but the stakes are high when she discovers that Lucas was hired to track down the Necronomicon! Now Elisa must protect her former partner while at the same time staying one step ahead of a man who wants the infernal tome for his own nefarious means! Can Elisa and her allies prevent the dark energies of the Necronomicon from getting loose?

We’ve said all along that Constantine just gets better with every new book he writes. “Curse of the Necronomican” continues to prove us right as it has become our favorite Myth Hunter entry thus far. If you enjoy great pulp adventures with gutsy female heroes, look no further, dear readers. This one’s for you.
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