Devil’s Descent

Devil’s Descent
Series: Luther Cross, Book 2
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Urban Fantasy
Tags: 99¢, Kindle Unlimited
Publication Year: 2017
Format: eBook, print
ISBN: 1976502586
Dive into the abyss!
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About the Book

Dive into the abyss!

I’m Luther Cross, but you already knew that. Hard to forget a dangerously handsome, effortlessly stylish half-demon like myself. I earn my living using my knowledge of the occult and demonic heritage as Chicago’s foremost paranormal investigator.

My last case roped me into a potential war between Heaven and Hell, and though I managed to stop the crisis, the big threat’s still out there. An angel is trying to kickstart armageddon, but there’s only one person who knows that angel’s identity. And he’s stuck in the one place no one can touch him—Purgatory.

There’s only one way I can learn the truth, and that’s by facing the dangers of Purgatory. Fortunately, I’m not alone. Unfortunately, my traveling party includes a demon trying to corrupt me and an immortal killer I had to con.

What could possibly go wrong?

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