Love & Bullets

Love & Bullets
Series: Infernum, Book 1
Genres: Action, Espionage, Thriller
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Year: 2010
Length: 160 pages
ISBN: 1442155922
To discover the truth behind the death of her husband, former Agency operative Angela Lockhart must become an assassin for an international criminal organization Infernum, led by the mysterious power broker known only as Dante. But elements from her past will emerge soon...
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About the Book

Angela Lockhart was a spy for a government agency, but the death of her husband drove her away. Only one man knows who killed her husband, a power broker named Dante who leads an international organization of assassins. But before he’ll give Angela what she wants, he needs her to do some work for him. Further complicating matters is the involvement of another government operative, playing a deadly game of deception to bring Angela back into the fold. And soon, Angela will have to decide what’s more important—avenging the past or living in the present?

Love and Bullets ... strains our credulity, and our disbelief is willingly suspended in this fast-moving tale of treachery, deceit, international criminal masterminds, and revenge. The style matches the subject matter, carrying us along in a whirl of action and adventure. Now I have to get the next titles in the series—it's that sort of book.
– Hugh Ashton, author of Balance of Powers
There’s a rhythm to certain stories: a beat that echoes the story-spikes in the plot. Like a heart beat. For some stories, it’s a soft thing. A whisper of information, an undercurrent that gently prods and pokes and pulls the story towards its resolution. Quiet and subtle. For other stories, it’s a bit louder. More visceral. A rampaging, roaring sonnet that threatens the senses as it plunges towards a fiery finale. Ronnie James Dio in Times New Roman, twelve point. Percival Constantine’s new book, Love & Bullets, is of the latter variety. The title is apt…it’s a red romance, a pretty Valentine’s Day box of chocolates full of spent brass casings and broken promises.
– Joshua Reynolds, author of The Executioner: Border Offensive
The author’s able to impart both important information and character bits through the words that the characters share and it helps keep the book moving. This is a fast read — I literally finished it in two days without really trying to. The action scenes really sparkle and are definitely one of the author’s strengths
– Barry Reese, author of the Lazarus Gray series
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