Outlaw Blues

Outlaw Blues
Series: Infernum, Book 2
Genres: Action, Crime, Western
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 148 pages
ISBN: 1468018981
When a former hitman comes out of retirement for one last job, he'll find himself up against a drug cartel. Is this his chance for redemption, or the final nail in his coffin? The second book in the explosive Infernum series featuring the criminal organization run by the mysterious Dante!
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About the Book

Carl Flint is a burnt out hitman, drinking his days away in a dive jazz bar. But when his former employer, the mysterious power broker called Dante, asks him to come out of retirement for one final job, Flint finally has the opportunity to redeem himself for a botched job years earlier. Now, Flint has to evade not only a government agent hell-bent on bringing him down, but also a vicious cartel. Can he achieve the redemption he seeks, or will this job be the final nail in his coffin?

The bible quote is, ‘He who lives by the sword, shall perish by the sword.’ Around that one single theme, Percival Constantine has given us a truly memorable character and powerful tale that proves his emergence as a genuine master of noire fiction.
A tour-de-force that shows this author is one to watch.
– Barry Reese, author of the Lazarus Gray series
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