Vanguard: Season One

Vanguard: Season One
$3.99Audiobook: $19.99
Series: Vanguard, Book 1
Genres: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Superheroes
Tags: Audiobooks, Kindle Unlimited
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 342 pages
Narrator: Robert Wilson
ISBN: 1534971041
Superhero threats require a superhuman response!
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About the Book


Superhuman threats require a superhuman response. Enter Vanguard, a government-sanctioned team of superheroes designed to deal with rogue elements possessing incredible abilities! This team of powerful beings with even more powerful personalities must overcome their differences while dealing with one life-threatening crisis after another!

But a mysterious warlord and his terrorist network waits in the shadows, planning to use superhumans for their own evil purposes!

Fans of the X-Men and Avengers do not want to miss this explosive first season of an all-new superhero prose series!

Vanguard is good, old fashioned meat-and-potatoes superheroing, perfect for those who yearn for the days of 80's superhero comics.
– Thomas Deja, author of Shadow Legion: New Roads to Hell
A classic sort of superhero story that just happens to be in prose rather than in comics.
– Russ Anderson, author of Mythworld
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