Experience the final Myth Hunter adventure!


This is it! The epic conclusion to the adventures of Elisa Hill! And for the last ride of the Myth Hunter, she’s ready to take on her greatest threat yet!

When a terrible omen appears in the Atlantic Ocean, it falls to Elisa to once again find a way to save the world. Can Elisa and her allies stop an ancient evil from rising to destroy humanity?

Old faces return in this final installment in The Myth Hunter series. And it’s out today! Don’t miss your chance to get the title in either print or digital formats.

Why the last adventure? Because sadly, the series just hasn’t gotten the attention it needs in order to justify continuing it. So if you are a fan of Elisa Hill and want to see more than just six books, then I encourage you to review all of them on Amazon, promote them to your friends and your own social media followers, and do what you can to encourage new readers to give them a try.

The publishing landscape is extremely competitive today, and it just isn’t possible for a series to be successful without support from fans. So if you want to see Elisa Hill return, it’s up to you to make that happen by showing your support.

But if that doesn’t happen, I hope you enjoyed The Myth Hunter series.

Atlantis Rising
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