Justice Calling by Annie Bellet

22836752The cover is what really captured my attention with this book. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork and does a wonderful job at conveying the kind of experience you’re in for. Jade Crow is a comic shop owner in a town populated by shifters, and she herself is a sorceress hiding her true nature in order to keep both her and her friends safe. But when a Justice, basically a shifter version of an investigator, comes to town, she gets drawn into an adventure that risks her exposing herself to the forces that are searching for her.

The book’s a lot of fun. Bellet has a wonderful voice and sense for dialogue. And that really pays off, because the book is written in first-person from Jade’s POV and it results in some very snappy prose. The action is very clear and easy to follow and I love that Bellet doesn’t waste any words. It’s a short read, but I found that to be a benefit as I prefer these kinds of shorter books.

As far as weak points, although I’m a geek myself, I did find some of the geek references to be a bit overdone. The major quibble would be that I didn’t feel the main villain was as developed as he could be.

But there is a sense in the book that you’re just getting a taste of a much larger world and adventure. I enjoyed it enough that I’m planning to continue on with the second book.
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