Kyoko Nakamura takes a stroll with death in the new mystery!

The latest Nakamura Detective Agency novel is available now on Amazon, in paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited!

In Osaka’s Shinsekai neighborhood, anything can be had for a price, including teenage girls. And when a girl goes missing after falling back into the life, a local outreach worker turns to Kyoko Nakamura and her associates for aid.

But what begins as a missing persons case quickly evolves into a homicide, which means it falls under police jurisdiction. Given Kyoko’s sticky history with the Osaka Prefectural Police, working with them isn’t ideal. But she also isn’t about to turn her back when a killer is loose on the streets of Osaka!

The latest Kyoko Nakamura mystery invites readers to take a stroll with death and explore the seedier side of Osaka’s nightlife, and the inherent dangers that lie within!

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