Luther Cross: Bloodlust now available!

Luther Cross 3 - BloodlustThe long-awaited third installment of occult investigator Luther Cross is now available from Pro Se Productions! Check out the product description:

Author Percival Constantine returns with another tale of Luther Cross—the only man clever enough to con Hell itself. In the third installment of Constantine’s Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series, Cross has to draw the line between passion and hunger in “Bloodlust”.

While helping the police investigate the murder of a high-end escort in uptown Chicago, Cross discovers that the victim is a vampire. Creatures of the night are moonlighting as prostitutes… and as dangerous as they are, something even worse is now hunting them. Cross must decide whose side he’s on—the monster’s or the monster hunter’s—and he must do it quickly before even more blood is spilled.

Bloodlust, the third digital single short story in Constantine’s Luther Cross Pro Se Single Shot Signature Series.

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