Luther Cross is back in a new adventure!

Luther Cross is back!

After the events of Devil’s Due, Luther’s pretty much had his fill with angels and demons and wants nothing more than to just get back to his usual cases.

But both Raziel and Asmodeus have different ideas. In order to find the mastermind trying to start a war between Heaven and Hell, they need to retrieve a soul from Purgatory. And the only one who can help them find that soul is Luther.

Along for the ride are Tessa, Luther’s friend and a powerful witch. And also Cain, the first murderer, who is also the only soul to have ever escaped from Purgatory.

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Luther’s vampire girlfriend, Celeste, has problems of her own with a powerful sorcerer.

The adventure continues in the second book in the Luther Cross series, guaranteed to excite readers of the first! Available as an ebook for 99¢ for just a few more days, and free on Kindle Unlimited. Also available in paperback.

Devil’s Descent
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