The hottest and latest urban fantasy deals!

The first Luther Cross novel, Devil’s Due, continues to sell strong. And this week, it’s included in a promotion with several other new urban fantasy titles, all of them available for free or 99¢!

Over sixty books available, all for a dollar or less! But only until Friday, so get them while you can.


In addition to that, I’ve got another present for you:

Devil’s Taunt and Other Stories contains not only a novella featuring the first case Luther ever worked solo, but it also includes all four of the short stories featuring Luther Cross, originally published by Pro Se Press. Normally, this is only available to those who choose to sign up for my mailing list, but until the end of June, it’s available for free with no strings attached as part of the Midsummer’s Night Urban Fantasy Reader. Lots of great books in here from the likes of Gary Jonas, Aimee Easterling, myself, and others!

Check it out:

Thanks for your support and enjoy the books!

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