Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Tags: Kindle Unlimited, Standalone
Publication Year: 2007
Length: 228 pages
ISBN: 1430317868
In the future, the forces of Heaven and Hell threaten all of existence. And the only one standing between them and the souls of mankind is a fallen angel, dedicated to destroying both sides...
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About the Book

After the creation of the Earth and the birth of Man, the Presence seemingly vanished from existence. Once the angels and demons discovered that mortals possessed souls, they became locked in an endless conflict for ownership over mankind. But Gabriel, once the leader of Heaven’s forces, felt humanity should be allowed to live in peace. For his transgression, he was stripped of his wings and expelled from Heaven. Now, centuries later, the wars of man have brought the world to ruin. Man’s once-vaunted technology has regressed. Lance Kells, a drifting writer with no direction in his life, inadvertently stumbles upon this war and finds himself trapped in the middle of it. As Lance tries to uncover the truth, he will encounter a host of intriguing characters, from a hard-drinking, pink-haired avatar of death to an elderly Native American mystic. During his journey, Lance will discover a method of ending a conflict as old as time, as well as a disturbing secret which links him to Gabriel.

Combines elements of science fiction, horror both psychological and gory, Navajo mysticism, Christian dogma, action/adventure, comedy and even the modern day comic book (or graphic novels if you take your inner geek seriously) all wrapped up in a road trip.  This is a book that will never make the mistake of letting you get bored.  You’ll want to keep turning the pages just to see what new and innovative plot twist Percival is going to throw into the mix.
– Derrick Ferguson, author of the Dillon Adventures series
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