Femforce #148

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As NIGHTVEIL (with SYNN in tow) gathers a team of powerful paranormals to journey to another dimension, Ms. Victory still doesn’t accept the threat of the Old Dark Ones. SHE-CAT, left to her own devices, goes on the hunt for PRYDE, the mysterious loose cannon now in possession of her feline goddess superpowers. But where to start? Find out in “Shakedown”, plotted by Enrico Teodorani (with a script by Mark & Stephanie Heike), pencils by Antonio Gerardo Ceglia and inks by Mark Heike.An offer they cannot refuse has the FF (in the form of TARA FREMONT and SHE-CAT) tapped to run security at a presidential campaign rally for none other than their troublesome FORMER boss, General Richard Gordon, in “Stormy Weather”, written & drawn by Stephanie and Mark Heike.

When MS. VICTORY is called to the scene of a sniper seige in Downtown Orlando, the last thing she expects to encounter is a “Nun With A Gun”, plotted by Enrico Teodorani, with pencils by Luigi Giordana, script by Mark Heike and inks by Jeff Austin. SHE-CAT’s detective work on the hunt for her nemesis takes her on a “Road Trip” to the Ocala National Forest. She finds more than she bargains for their, encountering TWO unexpected villains, Chainsaw Charlotte and The Macheteer. It’s the Feline Fury in rock ‘em, sock ‘em action, plotted by Enrico Teodorani, pencils by Antonio Gerardo Ceglia, script by Mark Heike and inks by Jeff Austin.

Finally, an unexpected opponent shows up at the Gordon For President rally when SHE-CAT and TARA must contend with STORMY TEMPEST in “The Rally”, written & drawn by Stephanie and Mark Heike.

If that’s not enough comics action for you, turn the book over, flip it backwards and check out the latest “flip-book” companion to Femforce #148, GARGATARAMA- THE COMIC BOOK #11. Inside a great Rock Baker- Jeff Austin cover, you’ll find the latest installment of the ongoing adventures of the gentle giantess, ROWENA, in “Love and War” Chapter 2. With the impending marriage of giant-sized ROWENA to normal-human Cedric, it’s time to meet the in-laws. Cedric’s family comes first, with predictably-hilarious results. Spectacular artwork from Rock Baker (pencils) and Jeff Austin (ink finishes) from a hilarious Eric Lindberg script.

Then, it’s Dinosaur Girl, as she faces a new female Nazi menace that could match her own giant size in “Captured!”, with art by the same great team of Baker and Austin, from a Rock Baker script.

Finally, the return of THREETA, last seen in FF # 142. As gangster Tony Balistreri has his renegade scientist fire the mystery weapon at THREETA, he has no idea of the socking results- it makes the king-sized superheroine even BIGGGER, in “Size Matters”. But what happens when THREETA’s mild-mannered alter-egos remain oversized as well? Script by Percival Constantine, Pencils bt Dennis Chacon, and inks by Jeff Austin.

All told, it’s TWO great comic books in one, 40 big interior pages of story in black & white, with TWO full-color covers. Standard comic- book size, saddle-stitched, and printed in 2009.

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