A clarification about the Luther Cross books

Recently, I’ve gotten some complaints about the second Luther Cross book, so I wanted to issue a clarification.

There is a series of short stories by myself on Amazon that carry the Luther Cross label. Luther first came to life through Pro Se Press’ Single Shot Signatures, a line of short stories and serials.

Some people have been confused by this and have accused me of breaking the second novel into four short chunks, but this isn’t what happened.

Pro Se made the decision to scale back the Single Shot Signatures line, and Luther was one of the casualties. Because I love the character and saw enormous potential, I made the decision to continue his stories in the form of novels.

All the Luther Cross Single Shot Signature stories take place before Devil’s Due. I’ve asked Pro Se to remove the Luther Cross Single Shots from Amazon and they’ve agreed. But I also wanted to let you all know what the story was so there’s no confusion.

If you haven’t read the short stories, you can get them for free in one volume, titled Devil’s Taunt and Other Stories. This also contains an exclusive novella set in Luther’s early days. You can get this collection by clicking here.

The second Luther Cross novel will be titled Devil’s Descent and it’s coming soon. Apologies for the delay in getting it out. I’m in the middle of moving so that’s slowed down the progress.

Thanks for your continued support!

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